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We're delighted to have returned Mark Spencer as our MP for another 5 years and with a hugely improved majority. Thank you to everyone who voted and expecially to the hundreds of volunteers who helped to make it happen.

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Monday, 27 July, 2015
Are you deeply involved and engaged with your community? Do you find yourself frustrated by problems at a Council level? Think you could make a positive difference at County Hall? Let us know...

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Local News

Friday, 19 June, 2015
At last night's EGM meeting Mary Brown was re-elected as Chairman with a new young team of supporting Officers for the coming year.
Monday, 11 May, 2015
On Thursday we returned Mark Spencer as our MP, with an increased majority of 4647. We'd like to thank everyone who helped, supported or voted for...
Monday, 11 May, 2015
We've had a great deal of success in local elections on May 7th, with 9 new District Councillors elected and all of our sitting Councillors returned...

National News

Labour are a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security. They would: Weaken our defences through...
Labour are now a serious threat to Britain's economic security - with a plan that includes higher taxes on working people, printing money and...
Today, Labour's leader committed Labour ‘to remove the whole idea of the benefit cap altogether’. Please SHARE this graphic to let everyone know...

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