Westminster News

EU Referendum Bill passes through the Commons

Conservative MPs forced the Bill to make sure we get a referendum on Europe through the Commons today, despite opposition from Labour and the Lib Dems who would rather the public didn't get a say. 

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP visits Sherwood businesses

On Thursday 24th of October the Government's Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) joined Mark Spencer MP in visiting a number of Sherwood's businesses, including Doff Portland and Freshgro.

Labour Conference shows nothing has changed

In response to claims that Labour had no policies and no clear direction, Ed Miliband this week has decided to throw out some random policy statements that would take us back to the 1970s

Labour plans would take £234 from every pensioner in Sherwood

Research by Mark Spencer has shown that Labour’s plan to cut pensions would hit 20,510 pensioners in Sherwood, many of whom depend on their Basic State Pension to pay their bills and put food on the table. Labour have chosen to cap pensions rather than benefits, meaning the Basic State Pension would be £234 less a year by 2017/18.

Immigration Figures

We believe that Britain needs an immigration system which works in our national interest, that’s why we are fixing the broken system left behind by Labour.