Mark on the buses and trains


Today I embarked on a trip around the entire constituency using only public transport. I called in at Clipstone, Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Bilsthorpe, Farnsfield and back home to Lambley!


As many of you will know I don’t do ‘Faffing’ so I thought the best way to test the public transport is to spend the entire day using it! I was fairly impressed with the transport I think it ran fairly well and fairly efficiently despite the fact that the weather was quite poor, but there were a few sticking point that I picked up on, such as having to go via Nottingham and Mansfield in order to get around. I will use my experiences of the day to write a report for 'DODS' - a group that analyse reports for parliament - and see if there is anything we can do to make imporvements.


See the video of my experience by clicking here


Mark has also previously been out on the school bus, to examine how local children are affected by overcrowding on these services.