Mark is working hard to help save Thoresby Colliery

Mark has spent the bulk of the last few weeks, since the announcement was made by UK Coal, working hard for these local miners and to preserve the historic mining industry in Sherwood by trying to assist in saving Thoresby Pit. Through countless government meetings and debates, mediating between various parties involved and trying to raise the profile of the issue in the media, he has been constantly fighting this proposed closure.

On Central News this week Mark asked that all potential investors should be allowed to look through the status of UK Coal and be given the most opportunity to invest the cas needed to keep the pit open for the foreseeable future, not just the next 18 months.

It is great news that the government have agreed to finance keeping the pit open until the end of next year, but this should be in order to give them time to find the private finance for a longer term solution, not simply so that it can be closed down gradually.

Thoresby has been at the top of our MP's agenda for some time, as he recently invited Chancellor George Osborne to the area to take a look. He was successful on this visit in asking Mr Osborne to preserve the Coal Allowance in the area, to the benefit of 2000 retired and redundant miners.